Friday, November 20, 2015

Timed Writing #4

                                                          James Bay
            An artist that I admire dearly for his angelic voice would have to be James Bay, simply because he is bae. He's music is very soothing and is always there when I need to relax and take my mind of what's going on. Main sound you will hear is his voice followed by piano, drums and other instruments in the background but most of it is solely him. James like I said before has a very soothing and calm tone, likeable to all listeners.
         As goes for any artist, not all their songs are on the same topic. Songs topics varying from love, loss, hope, family, experiences and so on. If you were blessed to catch one of his shows you will experience a very intimate show of him and his guitar.
        Everyone surely has a different taste in music but there is a song written by James for everyone. If what is above still has not convinced you to play one of his songs, did I mention he's from England. I hope you are open to trying new things as you should be and give mister James a chance, for you will not regret clicking play.