Friday, November 6, 2015

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Should the minimum wage be raised?


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I picked this as a topic because it's a topic people have been talking about lately, along with it actually being considered, also curious of what people think on this issue.


  1. Honestly, I don't think it should be raised. There's a lot of questions that will come with raising the wages. Even though it's good for some people, it's bad for all. For example, where are employers going to get the money in order to pay their employees? They have bills and things to pay as well. Money is not easy to make. Minimum wage jobs are meant for teenagers. You can not expect to live your life off of minimum wage.

  2. Nice it's!!!!!! I found your writing though a little confusing. Maybe use the pronouns to make it clearer to your audience ( " been talking about raising minimum wage lately")

  3. I like this topic very much! It is much in the news. Mimi